The Galactic Gravitation Calculator

by Roger W. Seiler


Quantum-based Gravitation vs. Dark Matter

   Years ago, astronomers discovered that in the outer reaches of spiral galaxies (like M100 at left), the orbital velocities of stars and gas clouds are much greater than expected according to Kepler's laws of planetary motion.  This led to the theory that as much as 90 percent of the mass of a galaxy may be in a huge halo of Dark Matter that provides the gravitational influence needed to explain the high orbital velocities. However, Dark Matter is extremely difficult to detect, causing one of the greatest challenges of modern science.   Another great challenge of science, which Einstein tried unsuccessfully to solve, has been the connection between gravitation and quantum mechanics.

    Another more recent mystery has been the discovery that the Pioneer 10 and 11 deep space probes, which are now beyond the orbit of Pluto and flying outward in the solar system, are decelerating at a rate greater than can be accounted for by standard gravitational theory.  The gravitational theory demonstrated by the GGC points toward an explanation.

    This PC software demonstrates a quantum-based gravitational formula that accounts for the orbital motions of objects in galaxies without requiring the gravitational presence of huge amounts of Dark Matter.  Thus, the masses of galaxies are calculated to be close to the amount of mass that can be attributed to the matter that is actually visible.  Indeed, the program's underlying quantum-based gravitational force formula is a general formula that applies to all circumstances from the close quarters of a black hole to the enormous space of galactic clusters.  The software offers demonstrations of this formula at three widely different levels of spacial magnitude - solar system, galaxy and galactic cluster - and for each scale of space, provides results that match actual observations of visible matter.  The primary basis of this formula is the realization that there is a relationship between the Newtonian gravitational constant G and the Planck quantum constants for mass, length and time, that provides an important key to understanding how gravity works in all scales of space. The underlying mathematics of this program - which are demonstrated step by step - explore the possibility that both gravitational and anti-gravitational phenomena may result from the same type of energy throughout space, an energy called "dynama" in this context.

    Recently discovered evidence of an accelerating expansion of the universe was predicted by the theory of dynama long ago, and the theory shows how it occurs.

    Get a FREE download of the Galactic Gravitation Calculator software right here.  See for yourself how it compares Newtonian gravitational calculations of galactic mass with the new quantum-based formula.  If you'd like to read the author's monograph with a complete explanation of the new gravitational theory underlying the operation of this program, you can print it out from the included Help file.

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More about the documentation.  The explanation of the theory of dynama - included in the GGC's Help file -   describes key challenges faced in the fields of astrophysics and cosmology, from the Big Bang to the black hole, regarding gravitational physics throughout the cosmos, and how quantum gravity offers solutions.  It shows how quantum physics is intimately involved in all gravitational interactions at every magnitude of space, and how the mass of the universe and the curvature of space become especially influential in the way that gravity works in large scale space.  A quantum-based density limit and compression limit of matter are shown, which ultimately determine gravitational effects.  The text is written so as to be comprehensible to the layperson with a good general understanding of high school level math and physics. You can print it it out from the Help file screen.

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