About Harry Lorayne And His Memory Systems

    Mr. Lorayne developed the first of his memory systems as a young student in the 1940s in order to earn better grades.  He had studied the mnemonic methods developed by the ancient Greeks, and then went beyond them, evolving an innovative series of up-to-date memory improvement systems that he began teaching in the 1950s. His first book on the subject, How To Develop A Super Power Memory was an instant best seller in 1957.   He wrote 16 more books about memory improvement, including The Memory Book, which was on the New York Times Best Sellers list for over 37 weeks and sold over 2 million copies. You may have seen Harry Lorayne during one of his 23 appearances on the Tonight Show.  Or you may have seen his TV infomercial with Dick Cavett, which showed an excerpt from the Tonight Show appearance where Harry memorized the names of the hundreds of people in the theater audience - he even knew the names of the TV cameramen. He takes special pride in the work he has done with children and students to give them super memories for achieving super grades in school.

    The best testimonial for the effectiveness of Harry Lorayne's memory systems is just seeing Harry use them. He's achieved widespread acclaim for over forty years as the world's foremost memory trainer. His systems have been immensely successful not only for himself, but for hundreds of thousands of people who've learned them. The list of testimonials to their effectiveness includes presidents, movie stars, airline pilots, and just ordinary folks who are living more fulfilling lives because his systems make it possible for them to perform mentally at their best. Here's what some of them have had to say...

Testimonials On The Effectiveness Of Harry Lorayne's Memory Training:

"Harry Lorayne gives you the memory that will enable you to have the knowledge at your fingertips that will multiply your worth and multiply your value. And you'll even remember what I just said." - Mel Brooks, CEO Mel Brooksfilms, Inc.

"When I walk into a boardroom, I've got everything in my head. [This] has allowed me to make a lot of money and also allowed me to be a true professional at what I do. I owe my success today to Harry Lorayne's Memory Power Systems." - Steven Connor, financial planner

"I used to get C's and D's, but now I get all A's." - Eric Pitcher, student

"With these systems, school is more fun and learning is more fun." - Chrissy Crown, student

"I used this program [an earlier version] the last two years with my kids in my Learning Techniques Class and I've seen a phenomenal difference not only in their self-esteem, but also in their academic performance." - Malcolm Alter, Jr., teacher

"I had a stroke at 75 and feared the loss of my memory. But thanks to Harry Lorayne's Memory Power Systems, my memory is better today than it ever was before. In fact, it's so good, that I give memory demonstrations to my Toastmasters Club and also teach Harry's system to other senior citizens." - Bob Norland, age 80.

"I was so impressed by Harry Lorayne's techniques that I had our salesmen spend two sessions with him. It was worth every penny we spent. The lessons have been invaluable to us, and I recommend Harry Lorayne's [systems] without qualification." - Alan Greenberg, CEO Bear, Stearns & Co.

A few press clippings:

"A never fail system for remembering everything!" - Time

"It's easy, it's fun...it works." - Columbus Dispatch

"There is little doubt you will find it rewarding." - Reader's Digest

"Will enable you to remember anything from long-digit numbers to where you left your car keys." - Nashville Banner

"A most unusual...memory training [system]...absorbing material to practice and use." - Los Angeles Times

"Ingenious." - The New York Times.


    One testament to the success of Harry Lorayne's memory systems is the number of imitators who've tried to peddle imitations of his methods.  But Harry Lorayne is an impossible act to follow, because he refuses to stand still.  Ever the innovator, he continues to update his memory systems, always adding masterful new insights that are invisible to others, so that training from the original "memory guru" is still by far the best.


Super Mind Power Course Outline, 21 Lessons:


I. The Harry Lorayne Basic Memory Systems

    How to have a STEEL-TRAP Memory...The Link Method

    How To Remember Names And Faces By The Hundreds

    How To Remember Difficult Numbers...The Peg Method

II. Mind Skills And Mental Muscle-Building

    How To Overcome Absentmindedness With Presentmindedness

    How To Give Speeches With Absolute Confidence

    How To Flash Learn Anything

    How To Master Foreign Languages

    How To Develop "X-Ray" Powers Of Observation

    How To Develop Ironclad Concentration

    How To Create Winning Ideas

    How To Make Problems Half-Solve Themselves

    The Memory Graph And the 400 Digit Memory Feat

    The Scholar's Edge - Memory Techniques To Get You "A"s

III. Self-Building For Success

    How To Make Bad Habits Break Themselves

    How To Build A Will Of Iron

    How To Overcome Worry And Fear

    Leadership: How To Get People To Do What You Want

    How To Make One Hour Do The Work Of Two

IV. Just For Fun

    Memory Magic With Playing Cards

    The "Magazines" Memory Stunt

    Memory Games For Nimble Minds

Here's What You Will Gain From This Course...

    When you've completed the entire set of Super Mind Power memory lessons, you'll have a phenomenal memory for names, faces, numbers of any kind - telephone numbers, addresses, style numbers, product numbers, credit card numbers, prices, foreign language vocabulary, English vocabulary, computer codes, speeches, sales talks, technical specifications, stock prices, indeed whatever you want to remember. And learning these skills is easy, it's fun!

    You'll gain all this, because you will be taught by the most successful memory teacher of our time...

    Harry Lorayne is the world's foremost memory trainer, whose books have been translated into all major languages, and have sold over 18 million copies worldwide. He's been written about in most major magazines (from Reader's Digest, to Cosmopolitan to Forbes) and in most newspapers throughout the world. You've probably seen him on major television talk shows - The Tonight Show 23 times, Live With Regis & Kathy Lee, That's Incredible, The Home Show, Good Morning America. His Memory Power infomercial hosted by Dick Cavett was ranked number one by the Jordan Whitney ranking organization.   He's interviewed in the textbook Introductory Psychology (Addison Wesley Press)...and the list goes on.

    In Super Mind Power, Harry Lorayne teaches you how the simple idea of the Link Method can be your start toward a memory you probably never dreamed possible. The memory that will enable you to stand head and shoulders above your competition, that will enable you to remember anything you see, read or hear THE VERY FIRST TIME you see, read or hear it. He takes you along step by step, hand in hand, showing you exactly how you can attain that incredible memory, how to have that all-important EDGE in school, in business, in LIFE.