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[Super Mind Power] Gain A World-Class Memory!

At last! Here is PC software to give you a steel-trap memory! Now on your own PC, Harry Lorayne, the world's foremost memory training specialist, teaches you his internationally acclaimed memory and mind systems - proven successful for people of all ages.

You'll quickly attain a phenomenal memory, able to remember anything you see, read or hear the very first time - names, faces, facts and figures of any kind - whatever knowledge you need to succeed! Plus, learn incredible memory feats that astound your friends!

The regular price is $69.95.  But because you are a CatalogLink customer, you're eligible for the special discount price of just $49.95 if you order within 5 days.  And this software comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee (except in countries where prohibited).  So don't miss out on this special savings opportunity - order now!

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Regular Price $69.95 - but order within five days and you'll get the special CatalogLink price of just $49.95.

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  • Windows 3.x, 95, NT
  • 8MB RAM
  • 486 processor
  • 3.5 available disk space

Please read license agreement before installation.

Downloading & Installing:

Approximate download time during low traffic with a 33.6 modem and Pentium: 10 minutes. Write down the name of the downloaded file: SUPERMP.EXE

After completing your download, do this:

- Windows 3.1: run the File Manager

- Windows '95-98: use Start/Find/Files

After you find the above file name listed, just double-click it to start installation.

Getting Your Unlock Code:

From within the installed program, click on the "keys" icon (rightmost icon) to get your 2 registration codes and then E-mail them to us. If your credit card payment has cleared, then we will email your unlock code to you so you can proceed past the first lesson.

          Any questions? Email us at:

Thank you for your order!

Remember, after you install the program, E-mail its two registration codes to us that you see when you click on the "keys" icon.  Then we'll email an unlock code to you (included with this purchase) that will open up the full range of 21 memory lessons for you. (Until you register, only the first lesson is unlocked.)

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